Art Mechanix Thrillharmonic | Jammes Luckett



Art Mechanix is the independent imprint and project studio for the work of writer, composer, songwriter, and artisan Jammes Luckett. Among other creative endeavors, it is the home of Luckett's musical project, the Art Mechanix Thrillharmonic.

Based in Los Angeles, it was founded as Go Little Records in late 1998 as part of an offshoot of a print zine called ATE Ball.

In the earliest years, there were over 80 albums, EPs, and singles released on cassette. These were mostly lo-fi endeavors recorded with technology such as 4-tracks.

Within a few short years, the imprint began to move into the digital arena. This led to the release of eclectic soundtrack music from Jammes’ work on film and television projects, including the critically acclaimed MAY (Lions Gate).

This also included her pop, rock, and electronic work under project names such as Poperratic, Alien Tempo Experiment 13 (ATE 13), Merkcurie, and “Jaye Barnes Luckett”.

In 2006, the first full-length CD was released. “Vagus (the wandering nerve)” was an ambitious gapless concept album that engaged the listener with everything from visceral hard rock to sweet melodic pop and electronic interludes.

Art Mechanix went on hiatus in the Spring of 2009, shortly after Luckett began planning a follow-up album to be called “Garagio”, which would focus on 1960s and 1970s-inspired music. In the meantime, she continued to make contributions to soundtracks while working on fiction and expanding music production techniques.

In June 2018, Jammes relaunched Art Mechanix and announced the release date for the long-awaited “Garagio”. In addition to that album, Luckett will also reissue select recordings from the old catalogue, as well as new recordings of old favorites and new material.

Hello. I’m Jammes Luckett (pronounced “Jom”).

I’m a fiction writer, songwriter, film/TV composer and multi-instrumentalist based in Los Angeles, CA. I’m also the sole member of the rock and electronic project Art Mechanix Thrillharmonic.

Although I’m more known for my soundtrack work, I’ve also occasionally earned citations for my eclectic songwriter and performance under previous project names such as Poperratic, Alien Tempo Experiment 13 and "Jaye Barnes Luckett".

Through this work, I’ve gained notice for versatility of genres, styles, and vocal techniques. I’ve written everything from pop, rock, electronic, classical, jazz, and beyond. As a contralto, I make full use of an unusual voice — over the course of a collection of songs, new listeners are often surprised to find that the vocals were performed by one person.

In every project, my goal has been to showcase my songwriting. I’ve enjoyed having a few people cover my work for soundtracks but the ultimate goal to write singles or albums for other artists.

My songs tend to have strong hooks, lush harmonies, and strong rhythms. While there’s often commentary about the weaknesses and struggles of everyday humans, there’s often tongue-in-cheek humor, satire, and farce at the root of it. Sometimes the songs are autobiographical but other times they are merely observations I’ve made about others’ experiences, a musical realization of characters from a piece of fiction I’m working on, or the product of a daydream (or nightmare).

Previous film and television credits include MAY (Lions Gate), THE WOODS (Sony / MGM / UA), MASTERS OF HORROR (Showtime), and BLUE LIKE YOU [an episode from the XBox 360 Live Experience "Horror Meets Comedy" project].

As a fiction writer, I’ve primarily worked professionally in copywriting but am now dedicating more time to continuing the creative storytelling that I’ve always incorporated into my music. At the moment, I’m working on short stories and a novel. These publications will also be released through Art Mechanix.