Art Mechanix Thrillharmonic | Jammes Luckett


bio written by Thomas Owen Anderson

Photo Credit: Kevin Ford

Every once in a blue moon, a very rare breed of artist is bestowed upon society. One that breaks boundaries and relentlessly creates, as if that is what they were born to do. A true outlier in her own right, multi-instrumentalist, writer and composer, Jammes Luckett (also known under her artistic guise ‘Art Mechanix Thrillharmonic’) fits into this very select category of creative brilliance.

Unapologetically eclectic and impossible to be pigeonholed, Luckett can be identified by her rich storytelling and sophisticated electronic soundscapes, which are often molded contagious rhythms. Not to forget her worldly vocals that combine catchy melodies, layered harmonies with clever lyrics and eclectic, varying music styles. Subsequently, she’s concocted her own entirely new kind of musical mashup that manifests as something truly special and bursts with character.

In both writing and music, much of Luckett’s personal work employs an allegorical, universal narrative approach to explore themes pertaining to the darker side of human behavior — namely the effects of racism and imposed “otherness”. This extra depth lies beneath the surface and is key to the craftsmanship that makes her creative projects irresistible to many. Beyond love songs, fiery rockers, and tales laced with history, science, technology, mythology, and inanimate objects are layered stories worthy of repeat visitation.

Luckett’s long-spanning career itself is an unconventional one, fascinating and challenging to put any sort of label on.

Growing up in Columbus, Ohio, she was raised on a steady diet of classic pop, rock, soul, funk, R&B, disco, and classical music. This eclectic education soon served a valuable purpose: after her father’s death, the then 8-year-old coped by using the cassette recorder she inherited from him to teach herself how to write, play, and record a variety of instruments and genres.

As Luckett’s talent matured so did her production skills. She moved through the ranks of 4-track recorders to 16 tracks and eventually to digital. This constant striving for improvement can be seen through each and every track she creates, as each release becomes more and more polished.

Often taking on the role of different ‘characters’ in each of her solo projects, Luckett’s most notable success in music was under the project name ‘Poperratic’. Poperratic grew out of a lo-fi project she started while studying film, TV, Animation at the University of Southern California, in Los Angeles.

As the project progressed and became more polished, Luckett was soon met with international success. One of her USC classmates, Lucky McKee went on to become a noted horror film director, leading Jammes’ music to be used in multiple film and television projects such as ‘The Woods’ (Sony/MGM), ‘Masters of Horror’ (Showtime) and ‘May (Lionsgate)’. Her early soundtrack contributions led Luckett to be dubbed a ‘Maestro of Horror’ at the Fangoria Weekend of Horrors first composer panel in 2007, which also coincided with a limited edition release of her work by La-La Land Records.

Jammes has also created original music for independent films, advertising agencies, and also campaigns for Susan and Robert Downey Jr.’s non-profit charity, Random Act Funding.

These days, you can find Luckett creating her eclectic musical works under her latest character, Art Mechanix Thrillharmonic. Her 2018 release Garagio (a 60s and 70s-inspired concept album) received rave reviews amongst tastemakers. In February 2019, she will also release A Story Foreword, an alternative/cinematic hip hop album that takes listeners on a historical journey through the African American experience.

Luckett has been praised by many influential music moguls throughout her career. She was noted as ‘one to watch’ by Moriarty of ’Ain’t It Cool News’, and received notices in Variety Magazine and the Los Angeles Times.