Art Mechanix Thrillharmonic | Jammes Luckett



June 29th
  • Date: June 29, 2018
  • Location: New Release!
  • Venue: Digital

Available June 29th on digital music platforms everywhere.


“Garagio” is a collection of 18 original songs inspired by the infectious popular music of the 1960s and 1970s.

It’s been described as “retrofuturistic” and “cinematic”. Popular music from decades past are playfully decontextualized, reconstructed, and reinterpreted. You’ll hear the sounds of British Invasion, Motown, dub, psychedelic, jazz, pop film music, French Yé-Yé, proto-punk, disco, and beyond — blended and evolved with modern sounds.

In the end, the album is a tour through AM transistor radios, jukeboxes and garages full of amps and sweat. It’s an energetic crate-digging adventure that offers the nostalgic sounds of Summers past, year-round.

Throughout my life, Blues music and its children — Jazz (the original pop), early Rock, and Classic Pop — have given me comfort during uncertain and trying times. During the span of its production, “Garagio” itself became therapeutic escapism, a transformative journey, and a sandbox to experiment and test the limits of resourcefulness.

I hope that this album gives you a few grins, giggles, surprises, and moments of reprieve in current times, too. I also hope that it motivates you to revisit (or discover) the music to which “Garagio” pays homage.

Turn on. Tune in. Rock out!