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All Jammes Luckett Sites In Compliance with EU Privacy Law

Jammes Luckett | May 16, 2018

A new law will go into effect within the European Union on May 25, 2018. Although I do have many visitors who live in the EU, I’ve made the decision to adopt this standard for all of my visitors who don’t live in EU member countries.

I’ve implemented additional steps across my websites to fully comply with this law and assure visitors of full transparency and responsibility when it comes to any data entered on my websites.

As a matter of personal preference, I’ve always chosen to operate in ways that are similar to what the European data standards are trying to accomplish. I’ve always been a one-woman operation and my sole mission has been to deliver products, services, and features that people have specifically requested, ordered, or signed up for.

That’s never changed. But it’s now more important than ever for these policies to be upfront and accessible so that there is no ambiguity.

It’s the right thing to do but I’m also doing it because I can.

As the sole web developer of my websites, I have some measure of control over the technology I choose to incorporate. I know what I use it for. If something’s not functioning well or otherwise problematic, I also have the power to be able to repair, deactivate, or remove them.

How Can I Learn More About the Data Privacy and Security of AMF/JL Websites?

I’ve taken a variety of additional steps in order to better secure and manage any and all data collected via any combination of cookies, comment forms, eCommerce, or contact forms through any of my self-run websites.

For more easy-to-understand information about how data security is handled at my websites and my compliance with the European Union’s GDPR law, see my privacy policy.

If you’d like even more information to use on other sites you visit, I’ve also written an informative article called “Geek Speak: Data Privacy in Plain English”. It’s designed to help non-techies to better navigate these waters, and maintain better awareness and control of their personal data.

If you ever have any questions about my policies or how your data is collected or used with regards to my websites, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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