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Read Stereo Stickman’s In-Depth Review of ‘Garagio’

Jammes Luckett | June 8, 2018

Online music magazine Stereo Stickman (@stereostickman, on all platforms) posted an in-depth album review of my upcoming album ‘Garagio’. You can read the entire review, here.

Here’s an excerpt:

Throughout this extensive, 18 track listening experience, the walls of genre are forcibly knocked to the ground – leaving room for pure creativity and melodic ability. What you get at the centre of it all is songwriting – an artist who writes because that’s all that can be done with this sort of passion and imaginative thinking. The eclecticism is mighty but it’s also really well arranged, you get the gentle before the heavy, the calm before the rhythmic, the light before the dark, and vice-versa. Whenever melancholy peaks its quiet head around the corner, high energy and optimism are sure to follow after – to keep you sane, to keep you entertained. It’s an impressive collection by all accounts, particularly considering the single writing credit. The album feels much more like a collaborative, best of the decade sort of offering.

– Rebecca Cullen, Founder of Stereo Stickman

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