Art Mechanix Thrillharmonic | Jammes Luckett


Who is Art Mechanix?
To date, Art Mechanix has always been a one-woman operation. It is both a project studio and imprint, and I’m responsible for all of the creative you will experience here. I’m also currently the web developer, so if you happen to run into any technical issues please drop me a line and I’ll fix it as soon as possible.
How do you pronounce your name?
‘Jammes’ rhymes with ‘prom’. It’s short for my birth name (which is easy to pronounce but most people overthink it). If you can pronounce my birth name or middle name properly, you’re also welcome to call me by one of those. Also, Luckett rhymes with “bucket” and some colorful phrases.
I can't find anything by Poperratic, ATE 13, Merkcurie, or Jaye Barnes Luckett. Can you help me?
That’s because all of those projects no longer exist. There’s now a distinct stylistic separation between my personal passion projects and the custom work I do for others. Some of my favorite works from older projects are being re-released or re-recorded under the Art Mechanix banner. Select music recorded specifically for film and television projects will be listed under Jammes Luckett.
When will (insert title) be released?
At least for the time being, most of the releases I’m planning are newer works that serve as good portfolio pieces and some older ones that I consider to be part of the same family. I’ll consider releasing other works if I see that people are genuinely interested.
Can I use your work in one of my projects?
You probably can, but you should always ask for permission and get a license to prevent any future misunderstandings with me or third-parties that may come along. If you’re not selling anything, generating ad revenue, or you’re from a legal non-profit, it probably won’t even cost you anything.
What are some of the stores and content providers where I can find your work for sale?
Once released, you can find my work right here at Art Mechanix. Each one will always include an up-to-date list of other providers such as Amazon, YouTube Music, Apple Music / iTunes, as they are added. Purchases made directly from my own store, of course, benefit me the most. If you stream my music online, though, I ask that you choose an authorized source so that I can benefit from it and put proceeds into daily survival and the creation of new work.
Do you have a privacy policy or terms and conditions?
Yes, I do. And they’re in plain English. Privacy policy is here. Terms and Conditions are here.
Who represents Jammes Luckett / Fluxe?
Myself, currently. If you have an agent or manager in mind for a referral, I’m interested.